Personal Trainers in Phoenix Stress That Stretching is Important

News From Personal Trainers in Phoenix! You’ve managed to make time in your busy schedule for a workout session, but even so, you’re running late. In order to make up time, you’ve decided to skip over your stretching exercises and skip to the meat of the workout. After all, stretching is just a small part of the warm up anyway, right? Personal trainers in Phoenix say…Wrong! Skipping over the … [Read more...]

Blame It On Your Genes: A Personal Fitness Trainer in Phoenix Explains The Role Of Genetics In Fitness

A personal fitness trainer in Phoenix knows that your genes have a lot to say about your body and its response to fitness efforts. Given the personal impact genetics has on individual fitness, structure, body type, and response to exercise and nutrition, no two fitness plans will produce the same result. Fitness—What Your Genes Have To Do With It Genetics determine everything about you, … [Read more...]

What to Look for in a Personal Fitness Trainer in Phoenix

You’ve decided to improve your health and lifestyle with a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix. Congratulations! You’ve already made an important first step. The next one is to find a personal trainer that can help you achieve your goals, but where to start? Don’t make the mistake of hiring the first personal trainer you come in contact with, because he or she might not have accredited … [Read more...]

What to Expect When Hiring a Personal Fitness Trainer in Phoenix

A personal fitness trainer in Phoenix understands that after choosing to improve your health through better eating and exercise, many people don’t know what to do next. There are hundreds of pages on the internet dedicated to diets, exercise regimes and equipment, but how can you tell what is right for you and your body? This is why choosing to hire a personal fitness trainer in Phoenix is … [Read more...]

Weight Loss in Scottsdale Why Crash Dieting Does More Harm Than Good

When trying for weight loss in Scottsdale, sometimes the thing that prompts us to try and lose weight is an upcoming event, such as wanting to get into a bathing suit for summer or looking good for a wedding or reunion. The temptation is high to follow a diet that promises rapid weight loss in Scottsdale in a short amount of time, but often these crash diets do more harm than good and can even … [Read more...]

Managing Fitness And Diet: Good Calories Vs. Empty Calories In The Battle For Weight Loss In Scottsdale

When trying to achieve weight loss in Scottsdale, gaining a balanced diet can be confusing. There is a lot to include and there are real moderated needs for protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and even calories. As most people know, quantity of calories is a major concern; but then, calorie quality is important, too. Good Calories, Bad Calories All calories are not created equal; not … [Read more...]

Scottsdale Personal Training To Help Combat Cellulite

Scottsdale personal training experts know that cellulite is the bane of millions of women. Often appearing around the hips and thighs, cellulite has the appearance of dimples and it’s often characterized by the not very appealing name of “cottage cheese thighs”. Some people will experience this phenomenon while others may never have to worry about it. But understanding what cellulite is can help … [Read more...]

A Scottsdale Personal Training Expert Reports! Why Water is Crucial to Your Health

Scottsdale personal training experts know that as many as seventy-five percent of Americans aren’t drinking enough water. As most of us learned in school, our bodies are made up of nearly seventy percent water, so doesn’t it seem natural that we need to stock up on this most important element? In this article, we’ll learn why staying hydrated is so important to your health, the dangers of not … [Read more...]

Scottsdale Personal Training Exercises for Busy Professionals

Scottsdale personal training experts understand that when you’re working fifty hour weeks, exercise is probably the last thing on your mind. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of grabbing fast food and crashing on the couch after a difficult day at work before catching a few hours of sleep and starting all over again. The truth is that exercise can help even the busiest professionals stay in top … [Read more...]

Diabetes: Preventing A Life-Altering Disease With Exercise & Nutrition Help From Scottsdale Personal Trainers

Scottsdale personal trainers have found that many people still mistakenly think that diabetes is an entirely hereditary disease. Recent increases in the incidence of diabetes and in the incidences of the disease in young people show otherwise, however. Type 2 diabetes has steadily been on the rise across all age groups and the rise has been directly correlated to inactivity and poor … [Read more...]

Staying On The Fitness Track: Getting Through Holidays And Special Occasions With Scottsdale Personal Trainers

It's well known that the holidays take their toll on weight gain. Scottsdale personal trainers estimate that the average holiday weight gain has been as high as seven to ten pounds during the busiest holiday season (a six week time period encompassing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years). Birthdays and other special occasions can bear on weight gain, too, but with preparation the bulk of the … [Read more...]

Why You Can Benefit from Scottsdale Personal Trainers

With Scottsdale personal trainers you can improve your life through a healthier choices and fitness. Deciding where and how to begin your fitness journey are just as important as making the decision to begin in the first place. For those that have never traveled down this path before, it can be complicated and confusing. That’s why working with Scottsdale personal trainers is a great choice for … [Read more...]

Preventing Disease with A Scottsdale Fitness Expert

A Scottsdale Fitness Expert Reports! “We’ve yet to find a disease where exercise isn’t helpful,” says Miriam Nelson, Ph.D. from Tufts University. Thanks to advances in medical research, we know now that following a healthy diet and fitness routine can not only slow the effects of disease, but can also help prevent their ever developing. Exercise can help with many of the most common diseases found … [Read more...]

Choosing the Right Scottsdale Fitness Program to Meet Your Goals

Before embarking on a Scottsdale fitness program, it’s important to sit down and outline your goals. What do you want to accomplish with your fitness program? Are your goals to lose weight, or increase your strength, or simply to benefit from a healthier lifestyle? Knowing what you want to achieve before you start will start you on the path of choosing the right fitness routine to help you reach … [Read more...]

Injuries, Strains and Sore Muscles A Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Can Help

A personal trainer in Scottsdale understands that experiencing soreness the day after a work out isn’t uncommon. After all, you’re pushing your muscles beyond what they’ve been used to doing. But sometimes we mistake injuries and strains as sore muscles and push through the pain, which can lead to lasting damage. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at why muscles become sore, what you can do … [Read more...]

Personal Trainer in Scottsdale

Let a personal trainer in Scottsdale plan a healthy nutritional and exercise program for maintaining your ideal weight, or for trimming down and getting yourself healthy. If you do not feel that you have the motivation or the knowledge to create a diet and exercise plan that you know will produce the results that you desire, then there is a lot that you can gain by turning to a personal trainer in … [Read more...]

Are You Too Busy to Exercise? A Personal Trainer in Scottsdale Can Help!

A personal trainer in Scottsdale understands that among all the excuses one can make about avoiding exercise, claiming that you’re just too busy has to be the most often heard excuse. The truth is that this excuse just doesn’t cut it anymore. Everyone can find a way to incorporate an exercise routine into their busy lives, even if their lives are scheduled down to the last minute. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Care Free AZ Personal Training

In the grand scheme of things, there are some main criteria which make a personal trainer outstanding. There are a wide variety of different New London personal training experts, each of which is unique in their individual experience, certifications, training style and expertise. The most important factor that any Care Free AZ Personal Training expert should possess is a good working knowledge of … [Read more...]

Care Free Fitness Trainers Help You Bounce Back from Diet Slip-Ups

Let Care Free Fitness Trainers Guess! You’ve been committed to changing your lifestyle for months now by eating better and exercising regularly. Suddenly, an opportunity to forget your diet for a few hours appears. In a moment of weakness, you indulge in a pint of your favorite ice cream (it was on sale!) or an evening of pizza and beer with your friends (but I don’t get to see them very often!). … [Read more...]

Care Free Personal Trainers

Are you considering finding good Care Free personal trainers? Or are you considering your options when it comes to improving your health and general condition? We all know that eating a healthy diet is just as important as staying fit. But what good is a healthy diet without an exercise plan? The most common reason for people to take up exercising is weight loss. The desire to look as good as … [Read more...]

Personal trainers in Care Free

Have you been considering taking up exercising? With personal trainers in Care Free you will be able to get motivated and get going! Whether you need to exercise because of medical reasons, for weight loss or just because you want to improve your physical condition a personal trainer will be able to motivate and assist you in the process. Exercising can be a difficult thing to do on your own. … [Read more...]

Personal Trainers in Rio Verde Report On The Spot Reduction Myth

Personal trainers in Rio Verde know that you’ve seen dozens of commercials on televisions or in magazines for diet pills or exercise equipment that promise to help you lose fat in your thighs, hips, and even the part of the body that plagues millions of women, the belly…heck, they’ve seen them too! But before you pick up the phone and order, you may well want to reconsider. Personal trainers in … [Read more...]

Why Strength Training is Beneficial to Rio Verde Fitness

A Rio Verde Fitness Expert Reports! There’s a common misconception that muscle is heavier than fat, so why bother with strength training? The truth of the matter is a pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat. Muscle just happens to be leaner than fat and looks a whole lot better on the body. This isn’t the only reason to incorporate strength training into your Rio Verde fitness … [Read more...]

Rio Verde Personal Trainers

Rio Verde personal trainers are here to help! Regardless of whether you are looking to add a little bit of activity to your life, or if you have a serious need for some diet and fitness, there is a lot that you can learn by turning to personal trainers for guidance and assistance. When you first encounter the idea of approaching personal trainers in you may be a little nervous or inclined to shy … [Read more...]

Rio Verde Personal Training

Are you looking into experts in the field of Rio Verde personal training? If you are thinking about hiring a personal trainer, there are some extremely important questions that you need to consider asking before you sign on any dotted lines. There are a lot of dishonest and misleading gimmicks out there within the health and fitness industry, and one of the best ways to protect yourself and your … [Read more...]