“I felt more energized and focused than I had in years!”

"When I first started working with Cathy, my goal was simply to have a trainer who could help me get back into an exercise regimen and design a program to help me improve my physique and tone my body. Oh, and I wanted a set of "six-pack abs" by the time I turned 40 in August. What I got was so much more! In addition to her vast knowledge and experience in personal training and commitment to a … [Read more...]

“I lost close to 40 pounds and several inches and have kept if off for 3 years!”

Since training with Cathy, I lost close to 40 pounds and several inches and have kept if off for 3 years even after a recent pregnancy at age 39! With Cathy's training regimen I transformed from a 5'4" 140 pound out of shape Runner into a Figure Competitor in less than 18 months! I'm grateful for the tools and the experience gained to adopt a healthier lifestyle! It was time and money well … [Read more...]

“How I got started with CATHY!”

I grew up in remote part of the Philippines with no knowledge of working out or any fitness, health and physical activity at all, other than doing some farming. When I moved to the states in 1990 and married my husband, Chuck, I thought he was a nut case doing exercises on a daily basis, hiking, lifting weights and eating all kinds of green leafy veggies. Not until a few years later, … [Read more...]

“You can get fit and healthy at any age!”

"Cathy Chappell has been my personal trainer for three years, and has helped me develop the muscles and balance to continue to pursue my favorite sport – horseback riding and hunting. At 76 I feel strong and healthy, in great part due to her careful instruction, which always challenges me to go one step further without injuring or over straining myself." Margaret Bohannen … [Read more...]

“Cathy has been the best for me, why one might say? Well, simple!”

"I was encouraged to train with her some five years ago, now I know why. I balked at First... I thought I was fit as a fiddle (and I was for my age). Within six short months On the other hand, I went from fit to lean and muscular, it was the best present to Myself... it taught me that I could do anything I choose better, faster and with more Confidence with Cathy as my coach and trainer." Chuck … [Read more...]

“In short, I am in the best shape of my life because of these efforts.”

Since I began training with Cathy Chappell and Fit-Bodyz in January of 2006, I have experienced a complete physical and mental metamorphosis. Before my introduction to Fit-Bodyz, life consisted of poor eating habits and erratic exercise programs. However, armed with Cathy's knowledge I experienced a "fitness epiphany," and began to witness a stunning transformation. Thanks to Cathy's … [Read more...]

“I have lost a total of 15 lbs. and 4″ off my waist! WOOHOO! I feel FABULOUS!”

I am done with the Purification Program and I have lost a total of 15 lbs. and 4" off my waist! WOOHOO I feel FABULOUS, with tons of energy, I am sleeping through the night (except to go pee!), I don't have hot flashes anymore and my mood has improved 1,000 %! I am up and ready to go, though around 9:00 pm I am ready for bed ;) The recipes that were sent during days 11-21 are incredible! They … [Read more...]

“After a few months of steady working out with Cathy, I look great, have more energy, and have a better self-image of myself.”

"I have been training, on and off, with Cathy, for about 4 years. I am not someone who is looking to compete, I just want to tone my body to look and fit better in my clothes. I am happy with the results I get when I train with Cathy vs. when I attempt to train on my own. By making a commitment to meet with Cathy, I am forced to work out. After a few months of steady working out with Cathy, I look … [Read more...]