“How I got started with CATHY!”

I grew up in remote part of the Philippines with no knowledge of working out or any fitness, health and physical activity at all, other than doing some farming.

When I moved to the states in 1990 and married my husband, Chuck, I thought he was a nut case doing exercises on a daily basis, hiking, lifting weights and eating all kinds of green leafy veggies.

Not until a few years later, becoming accustom to American lifestyle did I realize how important it is to be healthy and physically active. I decided to sign up at LA Fitness and start working out. I was terrified and intimated. Some women fit in perfectly.

Year after year working out without seeing the improvements of my physical body, I signed up for a 1-day boot camp. What a workout! That’s where I met Cathy and headed well and didn’t know she was a Personal Trainer. I thought…I will give it a try with a Personal Trainer for a couple months. A couple months ended up 6 years of personal training with her. It’s been a learning experience. She’s sets me up with my goal on eating and workout plans for the whole week.

After one year of working out with Cathy, she decided to put me into competing mode, as a reward of being fit. My first competition in 2003 Hermosa Beach Natural, I placed 3rd in Figure. I thought that was the end of my competition but I became fascinated with how I looked and the transformation of my body.

Cathy gets me motivated and excited about living a healthy balanced life. I could not have come as far as I have without the HELP and CONSTANT ENCOURAGEMENT from Cathy. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me.

Here are my accomplishments:

  • 2003 ANBC Hermosa Beach Natural – 3rd place Figure
  • 2003 ANBC Phoenix Natural – 2nd place Figure
  • 2005 OCB Las Vegas Natural – 2nd place Figure open
  • 2005 OCB Phoenix Natural – 2nd place Figure open
  • 2006 OCB Phoenix Natural – 1st place Novice Bodybuilding & Best Poser Award for Women’s Bodybuilding
  • 2007 OCB Phoenix Natural – 2nd Place Fitness Model & Best Walk for Fitness Model

Maribel Miller

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