“I felt more energized and focused than I had in years!”

“When I first started working with Cathy, my goal was simply to have a trainer who could help me get back into an exercise regimen and design a program to help me improve my physique and tone my body. Oh, and I wanted a set of “six-pack abs” by the time I turned 40 in August. What I got was so much more!

In addition to her vast knowledge and experience in personal training and commitment to a healthy lifestyle and diet, she took a complete inventory of my personal and medical history which resulted in recommendations for certain supplements and an eating plan. Within a few weeks of starting my new exercise and eating/supplement plan, I felt more energized and focused than I had in years!

Cathy takes the time to understand her client’s needs and goals to customize a program. She definitely does NOT take a one-size-fits all approach like the trainers you see in many gyms. For example, I have a few old injuries from my gymnastics days so Cathy made sure we rehabilitated and built up those areas slowly over time before doing specific exercises that would otherwise have aggravated or further injured them. In the gym she is a great motivator and will definitely help you push your limits and achieve your goals! Along the way she takes progress reports so you always know how you’re doing (though you’ll see it in the mirror anyway!) and she’ll adjust your program as needed to ensure you continue to make the gains you want.

After a month of working out with Cathy, she asked if I ever considered competing in either fitness, figure or bodybuilding. Having been a gymnast the idea appealed to me but I was certain I was too old and out of shape to consider anything like that! Well, within a year with Cathy’s guidance and motivation, I entered a natural bodybuilding contest and took 1st place in the 40’s Plus, 2nd in the Tall Class and won Best Poser award. I got my six-pack abs after all and then some! And I owe it all to Cathy! No matter what your goals – to lose weight, build muscle, get in shape, compete or just feel and look better, Cathy can help. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to make a lasting positive change in your life!

Gina Madeya – Retail Telephone Banking

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