“I have lost a total of 15 lbs. and 4″ off my waist! WOOHOO! I feel FABULOUS!”

I am done with the Purification Program and I have lost a total of 15 lbs. and 4″ off my waist! WOOHOO I feel FABULOUS, with tons of energy, I am sleeping through the night (except to go pee!), I don’t have hot flashes anymore and my mood has improved 1,000 %! I am up and ready to go, though around 9:00 pm I am ready for bed 😉

The recipes that were sent during days 11-21 are incredible! They need to put together a cookbook, because I will be SP first customer! Really if you haven’t tried them – do! My husband Sam enjoyed every one and he even lost weight! He is feeling really good himself. I know I will want to do this again and maybe Sam will too. Sam commented the other day about how much energy I have and he loves it! OF COURSE hehehe!!! Working from home I now have more energy to do housework and errands that needs to be done during the day when I can slip away from the computer and phone calls.

I can’t wait for the follow-up supplements to come in. I am still following the routine of a SP shake for breakfast and lunch and then the protein for dinner with veggies. I am so far coffee free!!! I really don’t plan on drinking it again, I am enjoying the herb teas I bought and that is my morning “coffee” and either afternoon treat or after dinner treat. I am so fine with no sugar (I was a huge pastry lover), but the thought of all that sugar – yuck. For my personal goal I still have 20 more pounds to lose and then I will probably want to go that additional 10 and I know I can do it with my Physical Therapy, training with Dana, swimming, walking and biking I feel I am finally back on track to a healthier life style. My girls are even getting into the rhythm and losing weight again themselves – we walking together at night and swim also. We belong to Southside Running Club Two with Dana, though we are the only walkers! LOL but we are doing 3 miles so far and I would love to add another once my girls feel they can do another – probably when the heat is not so HOT!

I will keep emailing you with my updates on how I am feeling and how much weight I have lost! You and your sister Dana are inspirations for me – THANK YOU!


It has been a full month now since I have change my eating to a healthier way and my total weight loss is 19 lbs!! I lost another 4 lbs. after the finished the purification program. I have only 14 more pounds to reach my 1st goal, then another 10-15 (depends if I want to keep going) on my next goal. I am so excited and feel wonderful, the energy I have is incredible! I can’t sit around and “veg” anymore, sometimes it is even hard when I want to relax and read for a little while.

I will keep you updated throughout my body change/weight loss. Also when I need more product too! Hopefully we will receive your package either today or tomorrow!


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