“In short, I am in the best shape of my life because of these efforts.”

Since I began training with Cathy Chappell and Fit-Bodyz in January of 2006, I have experienced a complete physical and mental metamorphosis.

Before my introduction to Fit-Bodyz, life consisted of poor eating habits and erratic exercise programs. However, armed with Cathy’s knowledge I experienced a “fitness epiphany,” and began to witness a stunning transformation.

Thanks to Cathy’s tireless dedication, my strength, balance, flexibility and endurance are better now at the age of 30 than they were at eighteen. The Fit-Bodyz program has produced a lean, chiseled body that I never thought could be achieved. In short, I am in the best shape of my life because of these efforts.

Cathy’s knowledge and expertise in the fields of weight training, cardio, diet and nutrition have contributed to significant strides in my professional career as well. As a competitive horse trainer, my success depends on my fitness level. Fit-Bodyz has helped me to maximize my performance in the show arena, thus yielding the most lucrative years to date.

Thank you Fit-Bodyz for illuminating the path to a complete mental and physical health.


Bud Lyon

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