Purify Your Body – Free Your Mind

Standard Process Natural Detoxification Program.

While the world we live in today has improved in many ways, we face a persistent and serious challenge – maintaining good health in a toxic environment. From the air we breathe, to the food we eat, and the water we drink, our environment is polluted with toxic gases, excessive waste, and harmful chemicals. These numerous pollutants can enter our bodies through our lungs, digestive tract, or even through the skin. And that is only the outside story.

On the inside, our bodies naturally produce toxic substances as by-products of normal metabolism. These waste materials are generated every day and need to be regularly eliminated if we are to remain healthy. Our bodies have built-in waste-removal systems that we rely on to eliminate the bulk of these irritants before they get a chance to build up and cause problems. The liver, gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, skin and lymphatic system are actively engaged in ridding the body of harmful toxins – regardless of their origin.

To enhance the body’s ability to efficiently remove both metabolic and environmental toxins, Standard Process developed SP Cleanse, a systemic cleansing product. It was designed specifically to be utilized in the Standard Process purification program which provides purification and weight management. The different herbs and whole foods used in SP Cleanse provide a natural and consistent way for you to help your body rid itself of natural toxins.

Key Benefits of SP Cleanse

Many different plants contain nutrients that support the body’s natural efforts to remove toxins and other waste materials. SP Cleanse combines over 20 whole foods and botanicals that possess detoxifying properties.

The variety of nutrients found in SP Cleanse can help the body cleanse itself naturally from the inside out, by:

  • Promoting healthy live detoxification functions
  • Maintaining healthy gastrointestinal elimination
  • Encouraging healthy kidney function
  • Supporting lymphatic system function and blood purification processes