Phoenix Weight Loss: Protein Is A Big Part Of Your Health And Fitness

In order to achieve Phoenix weight loss, understanding nutrition is the first step. Protein is one of the most important dietary elements for people who want to lose weight and build muscle. Protein is widely known as a muscle-builder, but there are other reasons why protein is important to a fitness plan. The key to maximizing the potential of protein is to carefully balance protein consumption with other dietary elements while still providing the right amount to support fitness goals.

Why Protein?

As mentioned, protein is the primary element responsible for building up muscle. Phoenix weight loss is possible – and whether the focus of your fitness plan is to lose weight or to get a stronger looking build, you need to build lean muscle. Protein builds more than muscle, though; it is the main building block of the body.

In addition to being elemental to muscle composition, protein also builds:

  • Skin and hair
  • Connecting and supporting tissues (such as those in the joints)
  • Antibodies in support of the immune system

Besides being important in building that much needed muscle tissue, protein is important to supporting systems that keep you healthy and injury-free.

Where Protein Comes From

There are many sources for protein, and they are not all from animals and meats. While lean meats (lean beef and poultry) are an excellent source of protein, there are a number of lower calorie protein sources that should be explored in addition to meats to help balance the diet; protein from plants and dairy can be used to supplement meat-based sources and as a means of getting adequate protein into a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Besides lean meats, good sources of protein include:

Dairy- and animal-based proteins:

  • Egg whites
  • Fish/seafood
  • Yogurt
  • Cottage cheese

Plant- and vegetable-based proteins:

  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Legumes (beans, lentils)
  • Nuts
  • Brown rice
  • Vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables)

Confused? Here’s Help

As in all things fitness, moderation is key. An excess of protein serves no purpose, but a protein deficit can severely impede your efforts to reach your goals for Phoenix weight loss. As your protein needs may change as your workout demands and efforts change, it is important to get help from a knowledgeable person who can help you track your protein needs and consumption.

A nutritionist is one option, and so too is a personal trainer. Personal trainers are skilled in matching needs to fitness plans. Your personal trainer will know your goals and demands best, and can help you gain Phoenix weight loss by showing you what is and is not working for you. A personal trainer can help you evaluate your diet at the outset and also make adjustments to your diet as your workout plan and fitness goals demand.

Balancing protein needs to support fitness efforts and reach goals can be tricky. It helps to learn about good dietary sources of protein that are most helpful and to enlist the help of a professional as consultant who can also help monitor your needs and intake and evaluate results for greatest Phoenix weight loss.

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